Pannon Egyetem, Műszaki Informatikai Kar
Villamosmérnöki és Információs Rendszerek Tanszék

Supervisors: Elgendy Mostafa Abdallah Abbas Atwa, Sikné dr. Lányi Cecília

People with visual impairment face a lot of difficulties while navigating outdoors. Some traditional solutions tried to solve this problem. The well-known white cane tried to increase independence and social involvement through mobility of blind people. Guide dogs can help to avoid dangerous situations, but cannot support mobility issues. Also some of the visually impaired tried to depend on memorizing routes with the support of their fellow humans, but going to unknown locations is still a big problem. So we need to develop an android mobile application to help people with visual impairment to navigate outdoor for example you can give your destination to the application and it responsible for guiding you to your destination.