Pannon Egyetem, Műszaki Informatikai Kar
Villamosmérnöki és Információs Rendszerek Tanszék

Supervisors: Elgendy Mostafa Abdallah Abbas Atwa, Sikné dr. Lányi Cecília

Going from home to store is not the only navigation challenge for people with complete vision loss. In-store navigation is complex problem as they face a lot of difficulties to navigate inside shop to reach any product, identify items when one product has a shape similar to many others. Some people use Braille to identify items using the haptic sense however, not all products have Braille labels, so we need to develop an android application to help visually impaired people to identify products and get information about them like name, type, production date and expiration date. This application will use technologies like radio frequency identification tags (RFID), QR codes, Optical character recognition (OCR), Barcode, and computer vision.