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The actuality of web content accessibility engineering  is linked to the EU 2016/2102 Directive on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. This technical regulation prescribes the regular monitoring and certificating/reporting of web accessibility, mandatory for Member States from 2018 september. This confronts IT professionals with new challenges which lack of the solutions and training programs.

The candidate will  study  the related standards, the specificity of web development process, methods and tools of web accessibility engineering, especially testing tools used for standards-based conformance testing of accessibility. The work will focuses on analysing assistive technologies and will apply the results from previous technology development cases  at PE-MIK-VIRT.

The theme can be evolved in many ways by candidates. One way  is to  rich the number of supporting user cases and  rise their level of automation.  Another possible way may be for working out accessibility repairing software components with different webtechnologies used for web developments. The focus and the development subject can be moved more into the testing tools developments.

Related informations:

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W3C „Introduction to Web Accessibility”

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Csontos Balázs ( MSC  these 2016): Akadálymentesítő fejlesztés a Joomla!CMS-rendszer használatához PE-MIK-VIRT

Related standards: WCAG 2.0, Section 508, ETSI EN 301 549


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