Pannon Egyetem, Műszaki Informatikai Kar
Villamosmérnöki és Információs Rendszerek Tanszék
Témavezető: Sikné dr. Lányi Cecília

Logos of Brands e.g. Lego, Coca Cola, McDonald's Shell, etc. are very well known all around the world. We meet these brands and logos every day. They are trademarks so they have to look the same regarding shape and color all over the world. The task is to create a test software which will measure how observers remember the colors of well-known logos of brands. On the one hand the software has to have a submenu where observers/ users must recognize the true-colored logo of a brand, on the other hand, in a tricky part, the users have to  paint the logo of a brand from a palette of coloures. Users' choices should be saved into a database and then analyzed and determined how different users of color memory differ from the real colour of logos. The test software should be filled by students from different nationalities studying at the university.