Dr. Czúni László

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Contact information:

  • Address: I-209/B, Egyetem u. 10., University of Pannonia, 8200 Veszprém, Hungary
  • Phone: (+36)-88-624800
  • Email: czuni AT almos DOT vein DOT hu
  • Consulting hours: Wednesday 14h-16h

University courses:

Running R&D projects:

Previous R&D projects:

  • Digital film restoration (NKFP)
  • High resolution video coding (in cooperation with Samsung Electronics Corp.)
  • Video surveillance with omni vision (in cooperation with Tateyama R&D)
  • Content based image retrieval based on the human sensing of colour (OTKA)
  • Intelligent data analysis centre (IKTA)
  • Semantic interpretation, categorization and indexing of video events (GVOP)
  • and R&D projects with various industrial partners...

Publication list

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