Welcome to  the website of the Electrical Energy Systems Research Laboratory! This research laboratory belongs to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Faculty of Information Technology in the University of Pannonia, Veszpr√©m, Hungary.

 The aim of the Lab is to apply the results of systems and control theory on different areas of energetics. One of our research directions is the development of methods for the optimal integration of renewable energy sources into the power network. Furthermore, optimal operation of electrical generators and electric vehicle batteries using the tools of systems and control theory.  One research direction is the energy-optimal scheduling of household appliances using model predictive control (MPC) algorithms. Other research directions include the optimal operation and state of health (SoH) estimation of EV batteries in the presence of temperature dependency, energy-optimal operation of solar panels and the investigation portfolio optimization related problems.

The predecessor of our Lab is the Intelligent Control Systems Research Laboratory, we are in close cooperation in several research topics.