Demand side management

The research topic covers demand side management (DSM) solutions for the energy market and the electricity distribution network, as well as forecast methods for user consumption.

Parameter estimation of EV batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are popular energy sources of our everyday life because of their high energy density, low self-discharge and light weight. Portable electronic devices (mobile phones, laptops), home electronics, electronic tools and electric vehicles all run on some type of lithium-ion battery.

Solar power production prediction

The major disadvantage of some renewable energy sources over conventional power plants is that they are weather dependent and thus their production is difficult to regulate and plan. Such energy sources are mainly solar and wind energy, as the Sun does not shine at night and the wind turbines stand still if there is no wind. One solution is to store the extra energy produced and when there is not enough renewable energy available it can be replaced with the stored energy. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to build high-capacity energy storages, which take up a lot of space, are expensive, and require constant maintenance.