Demand side management

The research topic covers demand side management (DSM) solutions for the energy market and the electricity distribution network, as well as forecast methods for user consumption.

Optimal scheduling of home appliances

The cost and / or energy-optimal scheduling of simple household appliances (typically refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, air conditioners) with first-order dynamics can be formulated as an optimal scheduling problem, where the boolean optimization variable is the on / off state of the equipment. This task can also be extended to an energy market environment where the price of electricity varies hourly but is known as day-ahead-market (DAM).


In this journal paper, we formulated the above problem as a model predictive scheduling problem and proposed a heuristic optimization-based solution.

Flexibility prediction for residential prosumers

The essence of the topic is whether the growing number of household consumers with a small household-sized (typically solar) small power plant can be estimated on the basis of their production-consumption profile to what extent they can influence energy consumption and / or production to meet the service provider's possible flexibility needs. The elements of the system are a solar power plant, heat-based household consumers (electric heating, water heater) and a battery pack.