University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

The Department carries out educational activities over a broad spectrum in all special directions of our Faculty, including BSc in electrical engineering, information technology, programming and financial informatics, as well as MSc in information technology and logistics. We run courses for other Faculties, too. A strong emphasis is put on subjects that need consulting and supervising individual students' projects, this requires to take care of dozens of students specialized in each of the above mentioned directions every semester.

Our Department is actively taking part in PhD education, too. Our PhD courses are about advanced topics of modern systems and control methods, computer-aided image processing, color-correct visualization, and measurement and modeling methods of basic functions in neuro-biology.

The education of electrical engineers has a long history of 25 years on our Faculty of Information Technology, our Department is responsible for its quality. The education of electrical engineers includes subjects from natural sciences, engineering, information technology, economy, humanities and languages. Our electrical engineers are capable of contributing to the design of electrical and electronic devices, equipments, complex systems and plants, and solving measurement, accreditation and control tasks during the production and operation of such systems, and taking part in their installation. They can also fulfill operational, service, customer support, product management roles requiring electrical engineering background, and supervising positions related to these roles. Our electrical engineers possess the necessary theoretical background and knowledge to study on masters level.

Thanks to our industrial cooperation network and to the high level of our education, the vast majority (70-80%) of our students are employed before finishing their BSc studies. They have a wide variety of jobs including electronic developer, software developer, quality control engineer, testing engineer, production support engineer, etc.