University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

Our Department carries out research in the following fields:

  • health care information systems, medical image processing, computer-aided medical diagnostics and decision support,
  • computer-aided image processing and imaging information transfer,
  • optical signal processing and measurement techniques (radiometry, photometry, and colorimetry), virtual environments and multimedia,
  • intelligent control systems, modeling, identification, control and diagnosis of nonlinear and discrete event systems,
  • information technology of parallel-, and distributed systems.

Our research is carried out in research laboratories. These research laboratories are units belonging to the Faculty of Information Technology. Our department is running five laboratories with members also from the other Departments of the Faculty:

  • Medical Informatics Research and Development Center
    • Bioelectric Brain Imaging Laboratory
    • Bioelectric Cardiac Imaging Laboratory
  • Intelligent Control Systems Research Laboratory
  • Image Processing Research Laboratory
  • Virtual Environments and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory

The majority of our publications and the PhD education is also connected to the above laboratories.


Development activity

In recent years several projects have been implemented by the University, Faculty and by our Department, that has made the participation of our colleagues possible in quality development work. This has contributed to the professional and scientific advancement of our staff, and to the operation of the Department.

The projects give the main income source of the Department, that is necessary for the running of the basic infrastructure of the Department, and for partial covering of our personal cost. Therefore, the successful execution end completing of our projects is of great importance.

The Department has benefited from the strong cooperation with our industrial partners by being able to develop its infrastructure, too.