University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems


Attila Fodor, Assistant Lecturer
Tel: 06-88-624-545
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Our laboratory has diverse teaching, research and project activities which includes the classical areas of electrical engineering. Our employees are experts of the following topics: power electronics, control of electrical drives, renewable energy (solar and wind), industrial manufacturing systems, designing and constructing test equipments, industrial communication systems.

Teaching Activity

Students will gain practical knowledge of electricity motors and generators which are used in industry. During the laboratory seminars students learn about modern electrical drives and the main steps of the installation of the industrial drives. In our laboratory the drive-technical devices of the biggest companies can be found (ABB, Siemens, Lenze, Grundfos, etc) The teaching activities of our laboratory helps to educate the employees of the surrounding companies. Within such education we have already had courses about industrial measurement and CAN communication.

Research Activity

Our staff have mostly carried out researches in the field of energy and electrical drives, as the result of which several publications appear each year. The important task of our the colleagues is to educate new young colleagues for the laboratory. As a result of this in the past few years our students have been involved in Students' Scientific Conferences, whose best result was a second place in the National Students' Scientific Conference.

Project Activity

The staff of the laboratory have diversified industrial relations and references. The main areas of the research and development projects: industrial automation, designing and constructing test equipments for laboratory, designing and constructing end of line testers, researching and studying in energetics subjects. The number of industrial facilities and research results of our colleagues have been effectively utilized by the following companies: Valeo, Visteon, EH-SZER (EON), Aqua-Terra, MVM, Flextronics, TDK Hungary.