Development of cloud-based intelligent IT services in cooperation with IBM Magyarország Kft. and the University of Pannonia

Network Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Support Services (SmartGrid) subproject

Project ID: VKSZ12-1-2013-0088

Duration: 01.01.2014 - 30.11.2017

Subproject leader: Dr. Attila Fodor


Under the tender, the consortium has developed services that deliver real value to the potential customers of the future through a triad of instrumentation, connectivity and intelligence. The project consists of five elements: intelligent urban management; service supporting the optimal operation of utilities (SmartGrid, SmartMetering); mobile workforce management; business analytics and optimization support services, and the development of a cloud-based solution for the above.

The aim of subproject II (Smart Grid) is to create a cloud-based simulation software system supporting network development and maintenance for electrical networks, which can schedule optimal operation and TMK (planned preventive maintenance) using simulations on a pre-defined electricity network.

The system can be used to add new power plants and consumers to an existing infrastructure, which can be used to simulate future developments. The system also allows the simulation of the asymmetric distribution of network devices, so loads and household power plants can be simulated in an asymmetric network topology. The system can be used to calculate losses and loads. The results of the simulations can be used to determine where the development of the existing infrastructure is necessary.