Innovation for energy and electrical industry at CoreCommSI Ltd and NRG Services Ltd (Greenverter)

Title: "Innovation for energy and electrical industry at CoreCommSI Ltd and NRG Services Ltd (Greenverter)”

Project identifier: 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00193

Partner: CoreCommSI Kft., NRG Services Kft.

Duration: 2019.01.01 - 2021.04.30.

Contact person: Dr. Attila Fodor

The innovative features of Greenverter enable the smooth integration of renewables into the distribution system. Our world-class innovation is constituted by a family of smart energy management devices (Greenverter units) with power ratings of 5, 10 and 20kW that can convert electrical energy from various sources including solar and wind to the power grid while compensating the asymmetry and waveform (harmonic) distortions, improving the power factor, reducing the electrical network pollution as well as the CO2 footprint. The Greenverter product family provides a compact, affordable solution for our end-users; i.e. they do not need to pay for costly inverters, power quality correctors, energy storages (EV car chargers, etc.), and for their integration. This, together with the virtual power plant connectivity will make Greenverter a market leader. Greenverter surpasses inverter devices by the smart grid functions and power quality optimization. This increases the lifetime of electrical equipment and devices, reduces the damages, reduces the load of transformers, decreases the losses of energy transfer, and enhances the overall efficiency. The Greenverter innovation can significantly contribute to the further spreading of renewables as these energy sources will deliver the electricity to the end-users with enhanced quality and reliability, while the costs related to the insufficient power quality can practically be eliminated. This results in a significantly improved quality of service (QoS). In addition, Greenverter also helps to reduce extra penalties (typically 25-50% of electricity bill) imposed by network operators to companies because of the poor power quality consumption (demand charge, penalty on low power factor [cos(φ)]).