University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

Head of the Research Laboratory

Zoltán Nagy, DSc, Professor Emeritus
Tel: 06-88-624-604
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research Activity of the Laboratory

Bioelectric brain imaging is based on high performance 128-channel EEG systems with a temporal resolution of up to 0.5 millisecond. The laboratory adapted the sLORETA EEG imaging technology for 128 channel registration and developed a new Laplacian mapping technology Single Channel Activity Laplacian Map (SiCAL), which is used in examining and understanding the cortical organization of motor activity. Our research interest is focused on the theoretical and practical problems of data processing like the use of inverse calculation, source analysis, the application of genetic algorithm and new mathematical models of causality analysis. On the other hand, using the new SiCAL technology, we study the cortical visualization of the motor, speech comprehension and problem solving cognitive activity, as well as understanding the hierarchy of oscillating cortical networks. Within the CSI EU Framework project we have been studying various numerical and visualisation methods that can be used effectively in the localisation of epileptogenic regions.


  • A new method for artifacts filtering and removal has been developed,
  • A new brain imaging method has been developed based on Laplacian mapping,
  • A new algorithm of feature extraction from Laplacian map data,
  • The new SiCAL method was validated with BOLD fMRI and sLORETA data,
  • The significance of dipol orientation on the surface has been analyzed on the head model,
  • We are studying the frequency-dependent changes on SiCAL brain images,
  • Age dependent activity pattern identification based on finger-tapping experiments,
  • Using our new SiCAL technology an age dependent cortical representation has been described,
  • A new method has been developed to define the handedness of subjects,
  • The post-stroke brain plasticity has been characterized by SiCAL on sequential EEG registration,
  • Source localisation accuracy and error analysis on spherical and realistic head models,
  • Development of the SOLO source localisation software providing near real time source localisation for epilepsy patients measured with scalp or intracranial electrodes.

Selected Publications

  • Colombo G, Merico D, Boncoraglio G, De Paoli F, Ellul J, Frisoni G, Nagy Z, van der Lugt A, Vassányi I, Antoniotti M.: "An ontological modeling approach to cerebrovascular disease studies: The NEUROWEB case." Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2010 Aug, 43(4):469-84 (SCI impact factor: 1.94)
  • de Vico Fallani F, Astolfi L, Cincotti F, Mattia D, la Rocca D, Maksuti E, Salinari S, Babiloni F, Vegso B, Kozmann G, Nagy Z.: Evaluation of the brain network organization from EEG signals: a preliminary evidence in stroke patient. Anat Rec.  2009 Dec; 292(12): 2023-31. (SCI impact factor: 1.569)
  • Vassányi I, Dulai T, Muhi D: "Mapping Clinical Databases to the Neuroweb Ontology: Lessons Learned" Med-e-Tel Conference, 16-18 April 2008, Luxembourg. In Malina Jordanova (ed.) "Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates: Knowledge Resources", Vol. I, April 2008, ISSN 1998-5509, pp. 84-88.
  • Kozmann G, Cserti P, Nagy Z: New approach of spatio-temporal cortical activation assessment in finger-tapping studies. In: Lecture notes of the ICB Seminar on  Variability in Biomedical Signals, pp: 3-4. 128th ICB Seminar, Warsaw, November 4-7, 2012.
  • Juhasz Z, Vassanyi I, Nagy GA, Papp A, Fabo D, Kozmann G: SOLO: An EEG Processing Software Framework for Localising Epileptogenic Zones. Proc. 9th Int. Conf. on Measurement, May 2013, Smolenice, Slovakia, ISBN 978-80-969-672-5-4 pp 105-108.

Biography of the Head of the Laboratory

Zoltan Nagy M.D. research neurologist, professor of neurology (PhD 1981, DSc 1992). He is a research professor at the University of Pannonia since 2008 and a research director (part time) in the Cardiology Centre of the Semmelweis University. He was the director of the National Stroke Centre till 1993, chairman of the Neurology Department at the Imre Haynal Health Science University till 2000, and the general director of the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology from 2002 to 2007. In 2011 he received the Officer's Cross Order of Merit of The Republic of Hungary. From 2012 he is also the director of the National Institute for Neurosurgery. He has 280 publications with a cumulative impact factor 265.314, and his citation index is over 2200. He is the elected DSc representative in the Section of Medical Science of the Hungarian Academy of Science. He is a member of the Committee of Research and Ethics, program director in the Szentagothai Janos PhD School, and a member in the PhD School at the University of Pannonia. He supervised 21 PhD students. His main research interest is the functions of the brain at the mesoscopic level, post-stroke brain plasticity and the molecular mechanisms of stroke.