University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

A "Számítógépvezérelt szabályozások elmélete"
( VEMISAM344S ) tárgy anyaga

Előadók: Hangos Katalin és Magyar Attila

Recommended reading:

Hangos-Bokor-Szederkényi: Computer controlled systems

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Course plan, study conditions. The most important topics and problems in
systems and control through case studies. Evaluation of preliminary
knowledge for tutorial group forming

2.   Signals and systems, construction of dynamic models using engineering principles



Continuous time dynamic models: linear time-invariant, input-output and state space;
nonlinear state space, linearization

4. March 7..

Discrete time  dynamic models: linear time-invariant, input-output and state space;

5. March 14.

Reachability, controllability, observability; joint controllability and observability, minimal models

6. March 21.

Stability: BIBO and asymptotic stability: Lyapunov theory, stability region (domain of attraction)

7. March 28.. Discrete time LTI stochastic models: random variables, stochastic processes,
stochastic imput-output and state space models

8. Apr 4.. Parameter estimation in dynamic models: matematical statistics, least squares methods

9. Apr 11. State feedback controllers: pole placement controller, LQR

10. Apr 25. State observers, state filtering