Pannon Egyetem, Műszaki Informatikai Kar
Villamosmérnöki és Információs Rendszerek Tanszék

Supervisor: Sikné Dr. Lányi Cecília

Colour blindness affects a lot of people. In Europe, approx. 7.5% (more common in men) of the population is affected. There are a lot of software that simulate colour blindness, such as the Google Chrome SEE app. is definitely good, but it can't simulate if users have a complex problem. Therefore, the task is to create a simulation software that can be configured to simulate multiple types of colour blindness. This would allow you to check the web page to make it accessible to any colour blindness. In addition, there should be a feature in the software that specifies which colour(s) matches/match for a selected colour according to the colour harmony principles. This feature could help web designers.